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Small carriers express their emissions targets

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Small carriers express their emissions targets

Transport has long been one of the main sources of greenhouse gases. As concern about climate change has increased, many transport companies have tried to seek to reduce their use in terms of emissions and lessen their impact on the environment..

Currently, carriers have expressed their objectives and how they plan to achieve them, since they have taken the Initiative to commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. There is an initiative called «Medium and Small Carrier Emissions Objectives» which seeks to establish a series of goals and commitments in terms of both sustainability and emission reduction, so that the carriers involved in this initiative commit to implement concrete measures to reduce emissions and improve energy Another very important objective is loading and unloading, since it is the most important part of the operations. Many carriers are investing in new technology to become more efficient in order to decrease loading and unloading time. It is important to highlight that there are many challenges that carriers will have to face on their way to sustainability, one of them is the issue of costs, since the investment in technologies is high, so this makes it even more difficult for small and medium-sized transport companies because they do not have sufficient resources.

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