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17 de febrero de 2023 / by Admin_inter

The Closing of Trade Lens, what will happen? And what does it mean for the transportation and logistics industry?

Trade Lens is a digital logistics platform owned by the Maersk shipping company based on the blockchain, but this year it has closed its doors and will stop operating.

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17 de febrero de 2023 / by Admin_inter

What is a Transport Broker?

It refers to a company that starts as an intermediary, between the carriers, the companies that need to send the merchandise and the companies that need to hire a transportation team.

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16 de febrero de 2023 / by Admin_inter

Do you know how many tons an Air Cargo plane can transport?

Cargo planes are specifically designed for this type of operations since when we talk about air cargo transport, we refer to those large cargo spaces given the necessary requirements to classify them that way.

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26 de enero de 2023 / by Admin_inter

Cold Front in the United States

This week a Freezing Wave entered the United States, affecting the Central area, being: Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Indianapolis, Columbus, etc., the most affected states.

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