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Tesla & the Smes of the Logistics Industry

Logistic Strategy, Transportation

Tesla & the Smes of the Logistics Industry

The use of new technologies has reached transport and logistics companies, so that with this they can have better or automation in:

● Optimize truck routes.

● Reduce fuel costs.

● Reduce delivery time.

● Prevent and optimize inventory based on those predictions.

● Streamline the packaging process.

● Distribution of products in the warehouse.

● Allow better coordination between the different parties involved. Below we explain how these new technologies are helping in three of the main operations

● Streamlining of products in warehouses: For this part of the process, it helps streamline packaging processes, distribution of products in warehouses, optical character recognition (OCR), automatic reading of labels and barcodes, as well as product tracking in real time.

● Route optimization: In this case, it is used to help companies to know exactly the weight of the transport already loaded, the status of traffic on the roads, time and delivery restrictions, so that in this way, more efficient routes can be found, reduce the cost of fuel and improve the efficiency in the delivery of products.

● Demand production: One of the most common uses of artificial intelligence is to dispense with demand, in order to optimize inventory and avoid out-of-stock situations, this can be done using Machine Learning techniques that are used from historical sales data. and other relevant factors to generate predictions, logistics companies will be able to adjust their inventory and avoid losses.

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