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Do you know how many tons an Air Cargo plane can transport?

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Do you know how many tons an Air Cargo plane can transport?

Weever gray reef shark cardinalfish fierasfer Gila trout. Whitefish orangespine unicorn fish mola mola sunfish eucla cod muskellunge ghost flathead pompano bream temperate perch shiner roughy halibut yellowhead jawfish greenlingCargo planes are specifically designed for this type of operations since when we talk about air cargo transport, we refer to those large cargo spaces given the necessary requirements to classify them that way. .

The maximum weight that can be had so that a pilot can take off is known by the English acronym as: MTOW, for this there is a specific formula to be able to know what that maximum weight is in each of the planes and it is taken from the following way: Sum of Aircraft + 100% Payload + 100% Fuel.

Next we will mention the three aircraft with the most cargo capacity in the world:

1st Antonov An-225 with a capacity of 640,000 Tons

It is currently the world’s largest cargo plane, as well as being the world’s heaviest aircraft. Its first flight was between 1984 and 198 It also has an internal space of 853 m3 (Cubic Meters)


2nd Boeing 747-8 Freighter (447,700 kg)

It was inaugurated in November 2005 and has a length of 76.25 meters, with a MTOW of 442.00 KG. If we compare it with the Antonov AN-225 it has 193,000 Kilos less MTOW but it is still the second largest.

Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freight(364,000 kgs)

This plane was built based on the modifications of the Boeing 747-400, in addition to using some parts of the Boeing 787 dreamliner, since it had been designed for internal purposes, however it was later used worldwide.

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